Terms of Reference

Food4Hull Network – Terms of Reference (as at 31st Jul 2013)

‘Local Food For Local People’

1. Membership

Food4Hull is open to any organisations and individuals in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire with an interest in food – growing, production, consumption, food resilience, etc.

2. Aims of the network

Food4Hull aims to:

1. identify, amplify, support, promote and celebrate the existing work around food in Hull and surrounding areas

2. build awareness of, and increase access to, sustainable, local food and reduce food miles

3. strive to reduce food poverty

4. promote the links between diet and health

5. explore the recycling of food waste

6. bring together and work with local stakeholders including local communities, businesses, policy makers and public health advocates

7. enhance long-term food security for all

8. create learning and training opportunities to support the above aims

3. Co-ordination of the network

The activities of the Food4Hull network will be supported by a steering group which will:

• Be made up of 8 – 12 individuals who are part of the network

• Hold regular meetings

• Arrange wider network meetings or events which meet the needs of the wider membership

• Not have a formal chair, but will agree a facilitator for each steering group meeting

The steering group will be responsible for setting out the priorities for the network and developing timescales for any actions, collaboratively with the wider group.

4. How the Food4Hull network will operate

The steering group will seek to find ways in which the network can initially run simply and efficiently at little or no cost, for example via an email circulation list and seeking meeting rooms as in kind resources. As the network develops the steering group will consult with the wider group on the potential for other methods for information sharing and resources, and seek the necessary funding to do this.

This document is fluid working document that will adapt with the growth of the Food4Hull network.