Green Share Conference 2014

Food4Hull took part in the recent Green Share event at the Guildhall (March 19th). Green Share is a network of over 60 local organisations and individuals who have an interest in environmental issues. It was a great turn out for the 2nd annual event with speakers on topics such as energy, alternative currencies, permaculture, community development, city farms and gardens.

Food4Hull held a table talk asking if Hull could become a Sustainable Food City and asked people to pledge actions that would help further it on the road to being one.

Some of the pledges we collected included:

  • making an Incredible Edible project
  • researching how sustainable the food projects in Hull are
  • helping a school to set up a garden project
  • asking the council about food procurement
  • to help find a venue for disposal/ distribution of surplus food (from allotments, gardens etc.)
  • research alignment into a community supermarket model (via Barnsley)
  • investigate feasibility of a Hull food network website to link growers, producers and chefs / cooks.
  • make it easier for people to access growing sites and remove some of the legislations.

We gained more people for our email list and discussed further the possibility of holding a pilot FeedingHull event later in the year.

For more information on Sustainable Food Cities:

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