Land Army

digThere is lots of green space across the city of Hull and the council is making it easier for small groups of people to come together to claim and work the land.

The land army will be the swat team which helps people get going, offering mentoring and/or physical help in return for time credits.

Come and get involved if you have knowledge of gardening which you could use to help people get started, if you need help with your garden or allotment, or you just want to get down to digging and meeting people. Basically this is for anyone interested in growing.

The Land Army made its first outings in Autumn 2013. Talks in summer 2015 with the Hull Permaculture Network will hopefully lead to an expansion of activity. If you’re interested in joining in please contact us. You should wear suitable footwear and appropriate clothing.

The Land Army operates in association with Time Bank Hull & East Riding.

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