There are currently two directors of Food4Hull, listed below with a brief biography.

Hilary Hamer

I am passionate about food – all food – from a childhood growing, harvesting and cooking at home to allotment growing and to cooking for family and friends.

As a food professional, originally studying Food Science, I have worked in such diverse food manufacturing sectors as cake, fish and dairy. Further work in sales and marketing, lecturing in Higher Education and further academic work in Health and Food Policy has convinced me that our industrialized food systems, efficient though they may be, have damaged our environment and climate with terrifying impacts on our planetary biodiversity and human health.

I am fascinated by the demands of feeding a city such as Hull and the challenges of living sustainably in an urban environment. I hope that Food4Hull will be the start of a change in the way our population thinks about food and how they obtain it.


Lee-Ann Williams

I have spent many years in the voluntary / community sector.

My main experience has been with Hull Friends of the Earth, from 2007 to the present day, as a food campaigner. I have worked directly with the national Friends of the Earth food team on occasion and regularly attend and contribute to relevant conferences. I’m also involved in campaigns on energy and helping bees.

Through my research I built up my knowledge of genetic modification of food in the global context. I was involved in campaigning successfully against a local proposal for GM planting at Hedon.

I was involved in developing the Transition Towns initiative in Hull, part of the transition agenda being to do with food sustainability.

I volunteer with Arthur’s Organics, a local business providing an organic veg box scheme and wholefood supplies, to help them develop their business and find a wider audience. I spent a season on a local organic smallholding to lean more about local food and growing organically.